Text Layout Options

The Wolfram Language provides detailed symbolic control over all aspects of text layout. Placing separate blocks or paragraphs in separate cells also immediately allows the Wolfram Language's full cell-oriented notebook-styling capabilities to be applied to text.

TextAlignment how to align lines of text (e.g. left, right, center)

TextJustification how much to allow lines of text to be stretched to fit

PageWidth how wide to assume the page is

LineSpacing vertical spacing between lines of text

ParagraphSpacing, ParagraphIndent paragraphs defined by newlines in text

CellMargins space around cells

Line Breaking

nbs non-breaking space character in text

LineBreakWithin whether to allow line breaking within an expression

Hyphenation whether to hyphenate words

LineIndent how much to indent successive nesting levels in an expression

LineIndentMaxFraction  ▪  AutoIndent  ▪  LinebreakAdjustments

Graphics in Text

ImageSize  ▪  ImageSizeMultipliers  ▪  BaselinePosition