is an option that specifies how much smaller to render graphics that appear within other constructs.


  • ImageSizeMultipliers->{u,v} specifies that graphics set to ImageSize->Automatic inside list-like constructs should be u times their normal size, while graphics inside function-like constructs should be v times their normal size.
  • A typical default setting for ImageSizeMultipliers is {0.5, 0.25}.
  • Typeset constructs that use u to scale graphics they encompass include Grid, Button, and Inset.
  • Most typesetting constructs that represent controls or mathematical typesetting use v to scale graphics they encompass.


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Basic Examples  (2)

The original graphic size:

Specify that the graphic inside a list is 0.4 times its normal size:

Specify that the graphic inside a function is 0.2 times its normal size:

Scope  (8)

Inputs That Use u to Scale Their Inputs  (4)




Text and Inset primitives in graphics:

Inputs that Use v to Scale Their Inputs  (4)

Function calls:

Inline in a row of text:

In a control other than Button:

In mathematical typesetting:

Properties & Relations  (1)

An explicit value of ImageSize always overrides a multiplier:

Introduced in 2007