is an option for Pane and related constructs that specifies what to do if the specified ImageSize setting does not match the size of the contents.


  • Typical possible settings for ImageSizeAction are:
  • "Clip"clip at the specified ImageSize
    "ResizeToFit"resize to make the contents exactly fit ImageSize
    "Scrollable"make the contents scrollable if necessary
    "ShrinkToFit"shrink if necessary to make the contents fit
  • With ImageSizeAction->"ShrinkToFit", the contents can be made smaller, but never larger.


Basic Examples  (4)

The default for ImageSizeAction is "Clip":

Use "ShrinkToFit" to shrink so that all the data fits in the pane:

"ResizeToFit" shrinks or expands so that the data just fills the pane:

"ShrinkToFit" shrinks but never expands:

Introduced in 2007
Updated in 2008