is an option for Cell that specifies the style to use in displaying cell labels marking inputs and outputs.


  • CellLabelStyle specifies the style used for displaying the CellLabel.
  • CellLabelStyle->style specifies that any CellLabel setting should be displayed with the specified style.
  • CellLabelStyle->{currentstyle,expiredstyle} specifies that if ShowCellLabel->Automatic is given, cell labels that were generated by a running kernel should be displayed with currentstyle. After the kernel session ends, any cell labels generated will instead be displayed with expiredstyle.
  • Styles can be specified using named styles from the stylesheet or any font setting. Multiple settings can be combined using Directive.
  • The typical default value is CellLabelStyle->{"CellLabel","CellLabelExpired"}.


Basic Examples  (1)

Change the color of the input cell's label:

Introduced in 2018