is an option for Cell which specifies whether a label for the cell should be automatically deleted if the contents of the cell are modified or the notebook containing the cell is saved in a file.


  • CellLabelAutoDelete->Automatic indicates that labels should only be deleted if the cell is modified. Unmodified cells that are saved to a file will preserve their cell labels.
  • Cell styles that represent Wolfram System input and output typically have CellLabelAutoDelete->True.
  • CellLabelAutoDelete is more often set for styles of cells than for individual cells.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Create a notebook with the setting CellLabelAutoDelete->True:

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When inputs are evaluated, cell labels are attached to the input and output cells:

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If you edit a previously evaluated input cell, its cell label is cleared:

When the notebook is saved, cell labels are automatically deleted:

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Close the saved notebook:

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When the notebook is reopened, no cell labels are present:

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Close the notebook again and delete the temporary file:

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Scope  (1)

Introduced in 1996
Updated in 2018