Wolfram System Sessions

The Wolfram System provides a uniquely powerful interactive environment for building up arbitrarily complex computations, under convenient interactive or programmatic control.

Components of the Wolfram System

Kernel core computational engine

Front end notebook interface system

Executing Computations

evaluate input

evaluate selection in place

expr; evaluate expression, but do not print the result

(= at beginning of input) use free-form linguistic input

Session History »

% most recent output expression (%%, %%%, ... for earlier outputs)

%n n th output expression

copy down an input line (Insert Input from Above)

Getting Help

bring up help about a function

?name give information about functions, symbols, etc.


abort a running calculation (Evaluation Abort Evaluation)

Evaluation Quit Kernel quit the kernel, keeping the front end running

Messages »

Off switch off a message or a group of messages

Quiet run a computation "quietly" without outputting messages

Why the Beep?  ▪  Why the Coloring?

Session Information »

Directory current directory

Names names of known symbols

Notebooks  ▪  MemoryInUse  ▪  SystemInformation  ▪  DateString  ▪  ...

Session Customization »

Edit Preferences set global front end preferences

Format Stylesheet pick the stylesheet for a notebook

Format Option Inspector set options for notebooks

$Post  ▪  $Path  ▪  $CharacterEncoding  ▪  $TimeZone  ▪  $RecursionLimit  ▪  ...

Kernels & Contexts

Evaluation Kernel Configuration Options set up additional local or remote kernels

Evaluation Notebook's Kernel choose the kernel to connect to

Evaluation Notebook's Default Context define scope of symbols