Edit Menu

The Edit menu provides items that allow you to perform various editing and selection operations on text and typesetting.

Undo reverse the most recent action

Redo redo the last action that was undone

Cut delete the selection and copy it to the clipboard

Copy copy the selection to the clipboard without deleting it

Paste insert the contents of the clipboard

Clear delete the selection without copying it to the clipboard

Copy As copy the selection in many possible formats

Extend Selection highlight the smallest subexpression containing the selection

Select All select all cells in a notebook

Check Balance expand the selection to the nearest balanced bracketing characters

Un/Iconize Selection toggle iconization of the selected expression

Un/Comment Selection toggle commenting of the selected expression

Complete Selection complete a partially typed function name

Make Template insert a function template for the selected function

Check Spelling... search for and fix misspelled words

Find... find text in the current notebook

Enter Selection enter the selection as the search text (Use Selection for Find on Macintosh)

Find Next find next instance of search text

Find Previous find previous instance of search text

Preferences... set preferences for syntax coloring, system settings, etc.