Edit Complete Selection

Complete Selection

completes a partially typed function name.


  • Complete Selection reads your selection, which should be a single word or an insertion point following a word, and looks for possible completions in the list of all currently defined functions and variables.
  • Complete Selection also provides completions for keyboard aliases and full names of special characters, such as \[Alpha] and EscaEsc.
  • When there is only one possible completion, the Wolfram System automatically inserts the additional characters to finish what you have typed. Otherwise, a popup menu lists the various possible completions. To insert one of them, click the completion you want or type another letter to reduce the list of possible completions.
  • Press to cancel the popup menu.
  • If the list is long, you can scroll through the menu by using the mouse or the arrow keys.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: (Windows); (Macintosh); (Linux).