Edit Un/Iconize Selection

Un/Iconize Selection

toggles iconization of the selected expression.


  • When used on a selection in an input or code cell, Un/Iconize Selection will convert the selection to the equivalent iconized input. If the selection is already iconized, then Un/Iconize Selection will revert the code back to its uniconized form.
  • Un/Iconize Selection uses the same iconization forms as Iconize.
  • Not all selections can be successfully iconized. Any selection that spans a complete and syntactically correct subexpression may be iconized. Also, a selection that spans a sequence of comma-delimited arguments to a function or list may be iconized.
  • Iconizing a selection may discard non-semantic formatting such as tabs, newlines and comments.
  • Un/Iconize can be found in the contextual menu for input.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: (Windows); (macOS); (Linux).