Edit Find...


searches the current notebook for matches to the text contained in the Find: field of the dialog box.


  • Once a match is found in the notebook, choosing Replace in the Find dialog box replaces the selected match with the new text contained in the Replace with: field.
  • The following choices may be made in the Find dialog box:
  • Find Nextsearch forward for the next occurrence
    Find Previoussearch backward for the next occurrence
    Match caseconduct a case-sensitive search
    Wrap aroundwrap search through end back to starting point
  • Once your search string has been entered, it can be used by all the commands in the Find menu, including Find Next, Replace, Replace All, and Replace & Find Next. Edit Enter Selection is a convenient way to copy text from your notebook into the Find dialog box.
  • The Find dialog box searches the contents of cells only. Use Cell Cell Tags Find Cell Tag to search cell tags.