is an option for ResourceObject, ResourceFunction and related functions for specifying the version of a resource.


  • ResourceVersion typically has a default value of Automatic, which provides the most-recent, locally cached version.
  • If no versions are cached, then the latest compatible version is acquired from the resource system.
  • ResourceVersion is supported for published resources from any repository including the Function Repository, Data Repository and Neural Net Repository. Versioning is not supported by custom resources not published in a repository, such as those deployed to a specific user's cloud account.
  • Version values are strings of the form "x.y.z" where changes in z represent bug fixes, changes in y represent incremental updates and changes in x represent major, potentially breaking changes.
  • In addition to strings specifying exact versions, ResourceVersion accepts GreaterThan, LessThan, GreaterEqualThan, LessEqualThan and EqualTo operators. Operators can be combined using And to define more complicated version ranges. When multiple versions match the specification, the latest version compatible with the requesting environment is returned.
  • The resource system will only return versions compatible with the requesting environment. Compatibility is based in part on $VersionNumber, $SystemWordLength and $OperatingSystem.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Retrieve a specific version of a ResourceObject:

Get two versions of a ResourceFunction:

Use both versions; note how the later version has added buttons to the game interface:

Scope  (3)

Specify a maximum version:

Verify the version:

This version does not support the two-argument form:

A newer version, retrieved using GreaterThan, does support a direction:

Use And to combine operators:

ResourceData supports ResourceVersion. Retrieve an old version of data:

Retrieve the latest data:

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