is an option to PacletInstall and PacletInstallSubmit that specifies whether to first update the local cache of information about available paclets.


  • Possible settings include:
  • Automaticacquire the latest paclet site data if the cached data appears to be out of date
    Truealways acquire the latest paclet site data
    Falsedo not acquire the latest site data; rely only on cached information about available paclets
  • When a paclet is requested by calling PacletInstall or PacletInstallSubmit, as an optimization the Wolfram System examines only its local cache of paclet site data to see if the paclet is available for download.
  • The default value of UpdatePacletSites is Automatic, which results in occasional updates of paclet site data.
  • To ensure that the locally cached data is up to date, use UpdatePacletSitesTrue.
  • You can also use the PacletSiteUpdate function to force an update of your system's cache of paclet site data.


Basic Examples  (1)

Attempt to install the ExamplePaclet paclet from the Wolfram paclet server, and make sure that your system sees the very latest information about what paclets are available:

Introduced in 2020