gives the full absolute version of the name for a file in your filesystem.


  • AbsoluteFileName goes to your filesystem to check that the file name it returns corresponds to a file that actually exists.
  • AbsoluteFileName["name"] interprets name relative to your current directory.
  • AbsoluteFileName handles directory designations such as . and ...
  • AbsoluteFileName yields an absolute file name, with standard pathname separators appropriate for your operating system.
  • AbsoluteFileName[File["name"]] is also supported.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Find the full path to the current directory:

Reset the current directory to the previous directory:

Find the full path to a directory:

If the file cannot be found, $Failed is returned:

Scope  (1)

Find the full path of the File object:

Introduced in 2008
Updated in 2016