Parallel Computation Setup & Configuration

The Wolfram Language automatically sets up the infrastructure for parallel computing on standard systems, and provides a variety of tools for sharing and synchronizing definitions across all kernels participating in a parallel computation.

Broadcasting Computations & Definitions

ParallelEvaluate evaluate an expression on all parallel subkernels

DistributeDefinitions distribute definitions to all parallel subkernels

ParallelNeeds load the same package into all parallel subkernels

Continuously Shared Variables & Functions »

SetSharedVariable set symbols to share values across subkernels

SetSharedFunction set functions to share downvalues across subkernels

UnsetShared stop sharing variables or functions

$SharedVariables  ▪  $SharedFunctions

Low-Level Kernel Setup

LaunchKernels launch subkernels

AbortKernels abort running computations on all subkernels

CloseKernels close down subkernels

$KernelCount number of currently running parallel subkernels

ParallelKernels list of currently running parallel subkernels

$KernelID unique ID for each parallel subkernel

$DefaultParallelKernels default list of kernels to launch