System & License Management

The Wolfram System has flexible capabilities for per-machine or network license management.

SystemInformation detailed information on Wolfram System setup

$MachineID unique ID for your computer system

$MachineName  ▪  $MachineDomains  ▪  $MachineAddresses

$NetworkConnected whether the network interface on your computer is active

$LicenseID license ID under which you are running your Wolfram System

$LicenseServer name of the license server authorizing your Wolfram System

$LicenseExpirationDate expiration date for temporary Wolfram System licenses

$ActivationKey activation key under which you are running your Wolfram System

$PasswordFile path to password file used to enable the Wolfram System

$ProcessID  ▪  $ParentProcessID  ▪  $Username

Environment operating-system environment variables

LicensingSettings option to specify license settings to pass to remote batch jobs etc.

mathlm Wolfram System license manager daemon

monitorlm monitor current Wolfram System license activity

Wolfram Engine Pay-as-You-Go Licensing

On-demand license entitlements can be used to run standalone Wolfram Engine kernels, with usage charged on a per-hour basis via Service Credits.

CreateLicenseEntitlement create an entitlement to run a Wolfram Engine

LicenseEntitlementObject symbolic representation of a license entitlement

LicenseEntitlements list of active license entitlements linked to your account

LicensingSettings option to specify an entitlement to pass to remote batch jobs etc.

RemoteBatchSubmit, ... submit remote batch jobs using on-demand licensing