starts MathLM, the Wolfram System license manager.


  • MathLM runs on a networked license server, to which client computers connect via TCP/IP and check out a Wolfram System license for use.
  • supports both IPv4 and IPv6 environments with no additional configuration required.
  • The following command-line options can be given:
  • -foregroundkeep MathLM in the foreground and print server messages to stdout
    -helpprint the list of all command-line options and the MathID
    -language langspecify the language in which to display server messages
    -localtimeuse local time instead of GMT in server messages
    -logfile filewrite server messages to a specified log file
    -logformat stringspecify the format for displaying server messages
    -loglevel nspecify the level of verbosity of server messages
    -mathidprint the MathID of the machine running MathLM
    -noremotemonitorspecify that MathLM cannot be remotely monitored via MonitorLM
    -pwfile filespecify a file in which to look for Wolfram System passwords
    -restrict filespecify a policy file which describes how to allocate Wolfram System licenses
    -timeout nreturn suspended licenses after a specified number of hours
    -trfile filespecify a file that defines substitutions for the text of error messages
  • The following additional command-line option is accepted on Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X:
  • -sysloglog messages to syslogd
  • The following additional command-line options are accepted on Windows:
  • -installinstall MathLM as a service program and automatically start the service
    -uninstallstop any currently running MathLM processes and remove MathLM from the list of services
  • With -install, any arguments given are stored as a part of the service and used when starting MathLM automatically.
  • Possible values for in -language are English, French, German, and Japanese.
  • The four levels of verbosity in -loglevel are as follows:
  • 1report server startup/shutdown errors and print a successful startup message
    2report everything from level 1 and all runtime error messages
    3report everything from level 2, all license activity, and startup messages pertaining to the process ID and socket number
    4report everything from level 3, debugging information, and a license table for every license transaction
  • If -foreground is specified, the default verbosity level is set to 4.
  • If -logfile is used without -loglevel, the default logging verbosity is set to 3.
  • If -loglevel is used without specifying a level, the verbosity defaults to 4.
  • The default format for log messages is the W3C common logfile format. MathLM log files can be imported using the Import format "ApacheLog".