monitors MathLM running on .


  • gives information on the total number of licenses available and checked out, the fully qualified domain name and username of those who have them checked out, and so on.
  • If is not specified, defaults to the local machine.
  • supports both IPv4 and IPv6 environments with no additional configuration required.
  • The following command-line options can be used:
  • -file filespecify the file to which output should be directed
    -format fspecify the format for the output of MonitorLM
    -localtimespecify that all given times should be in local time, instead of GMT
    -template filespecify a file that acts as a template for the output of MonitorLM
  • Possible formats when using are:
  • textsend output in text format to stdout
    htmlsend output in HTML format to a temporary file and launch a web browser to display the file
    cgisend output in HTML format to stdout (used when called directly from a web browser)