Symbol Handling

Wolfram Language symbols are the ultimate atoms of symbolic data. Every symbol has a unique name, exists in a certain Wolfram Language context or namespace, and can have a variety of types of values and attributes.

Symbol the head of a symbol; create a symbol from a name

SymbolName give the name of a symbol as a string

Context give the name of the context of a symbol

Names find a list of symbols with names matching a pattern

NameQ test whether a string corresponds to the name of any symbol

Remove completely remove a symbol so its name is no longer recognized

$NewSymbol a function to be applied to the name of any new symbol

ValueQ test whether a symbol can be considered to have a value

OwnValues  ▪  DownValues  ▪  UpValues  ▪  SubValues

Information give information on the values of a symbol

Definition print values of a symbol in a form that can be stored in a package

DefaultValues  ▪  Options  ▪  Attributes

Clear clear all values associated with a symbol

Save save values associated with a symbol

FullDefinition print the information saved using Save

ExcludedContexts, IncludedContexts options to limit recursive definition saving

Unique generate a symbol with a unique name

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