is an option for FullDefinition, Manipulate and related symbols that gives contexts whose symbols will have their definitions recursively saved.


  • Functions such as FullDefinition, Manipulate, etc. that report or store the full set of definitions associated with a symbol recursively pull in the definitions of symbols that appear on the right-hand side of each definition. IncludedContexts limits the recursive collection of definitions by limiting collection to only particular contexts.
  • Common settings include:
  • Allinclude all contexts
    "Context`"include the specified context only
    "Context`*"include the specified context and all its subcontexts
    {spec1,spec2,}include any context matching one of the speci
  • ExcludedContexts takes precedence over IncludedContexts. »
  • A context can be specified using string patterns in the same way as in Contexts[].


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Basic Examples  (1)

Only pull in supplementary definitions from the context "c1`":

With the default setting IncludedContextsAll, all contexts are considered for inclusion:

Scope  (3)

Include the contexts "c1`" and "c2`" only:

Include the contexts "c2`" as well as "c1`" and all its subcontexts:

By default, certain system contexts are excluded, even if they are in IncludedContexts:

Use ExcludedContexts to modify the exclusions list:

Properties & Relations  (1)

ExcludedContexts overrides IncludedContexts:

Compare with:

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