Graphics Interactivity & Drawing

The Wolfram Language's unified symbolic graphics architecture makes possible powerful mixing of programmatic graphics generation with interactive editing and control. Adding a canvas provides a drawing surface that invokes attached drawing tools when selected. The Wolfram System Drawing Tools palette makes it straightforward to modify existing plots or illustrationsor to create free-form ones from scratch.

Canvas represent a canvas for free-form drawing

Direct Interactive Drawing & Editing

create a new empty canvas

bring up the Drawing Tools palette

Multiclick select subparts of groups and insets

Drag resize changing aspect ratio

Programmatic Interactive Graphics »

Manipulate create a complete framework for interactive graphics

Locator interactively movable control point

LocatorPane  ▪  ClickPane  ▪  EventHandler  ▪  ...

Interactive 3D Control »

Drag rotate a 3D graphic

Drag (Drag on Mac) zoom

Imported Graphics

Cell Convert To StandardForm make a copied graphic evaluatable