is an option for Manipulate and related functions that specifies what type of controls should be displayed.



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Basic Examples  (3)

Default Manipulate control:

Override with a Slider2D:

Default ControllerManipulate control:

Add a Slider linked to the same variable:

Specify types for multiple controls:

Scope  (10)

By default Manipulate chooses a Manipulator to control the specified variable:

Use ControlType to specify the type of control to use, including None:

Slider and VerticalSlider:

Slider2D and Locator:

RadioButton, Setter, Checkbox, or PopupMenu:

ColorSetter and ColorSlider:


Specify the control type for each Manipulate variable separately:

ControlType can be combined with individual variable control specifications:

In the Automatic setting, an appropriate controller is selected:

Introduced in 2007