Gamepad & Device Interface

As soon as you connect almost any kind of controller or input device to your computer, the Wolfram Language will immediately let you use it to control Manipulate, 3D graphics, etc. The Wolfram Language also provides a symbolic representation that makes it uniquely easy to incorporate support for sophisticated interface devices in any program.

ControllerInformation dynamically updated information on all connected controllers

ControllerState states of particular controls

ControllerManipulate interactively manipulate anything using external controllers

Manipulate manipulate anything, with controls visible on the screen

Graphics3D, Plot3D, ... use joysticks etc. to rotate 3D graphics

ControllerLinking when to make a controller operate on a displayed object

ControllerMethod how to set up default controls for an object

ControllerPath specify preference order for external controllers

LocalizeVariables whether to allow controllers to have global effects

ControlActive specify "preview" settings when controls are active