Low-Level Interface Control

The core of the Wolfram Language's unique power for building interfaces is in its extremely flexible high-level symbolic paradigm. But the Wolfram Language also allows you to build interfaces at a lower level, more familiar to traditional user interface programmers.

EventHandler explicitly handle many low-level interface events

CellEventActions  ▪  NotebookEventActions  ▪  FrontEndEventActions

GestureHandler handle gestures on a touch device

MousePosition find the current mouse position in many coordinate systems

MouseAppearance change the appearance of the mouse cursor

TouchPosition find current touch positions

ControllerState find the current state of any control in an external controller device

CurrentValue test and set hundreds of user interface properties

AbsoluteCurrentValue  ▪  Clock  ▪  ControlActive  ▪  $ControlActiveSetting  ▪  $SynchronousEvaluation

Dynamic define dynamic content

DynamicModule scope dynamic interface variables

CreateDocument  ▪  CellPrint  ▪  NotebookWrite  ▪  AttachCell  ▪  EmitSound

FrontEndExecute programmatically execute built-in Wolfram System interface commands