is an option for Cell that gives a list of actions to perform when specified events occur in connection with a cell in a notebook.


  • CellEventActions->{"event1":>action1,"event2":>action2,} specifies that actioni should be evaluated whenever "eventi" occurs in connection with a cell.
  • The possible event specifications are the same as for EventHandler.
  • Settings for CellEventActions are often defined at the level of stylesheets, rather than for individual cells or notebooks.
  • By default, any action specified for an event by CellEventActions will override any default action that the Wolfram System would take for that event.
  • The default behavior can be changed by including rules for PassEventsDown or PassEventsUp in the list given as the setting for CellEventActions.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Create a cell that will change color when you click within the cell:

Scope  (1)

Make an action occur when the TemplateBox[{return}, Key0, BaseStyle -> {ExampleText, FontWeight -> Plain, FontFamily -> Source Sans Pro}] key is pressed in a cell:

Options  (1)

PassEventsDown  (1)

Normally, setting the "MouseClicked" handler prevents you from selecting a cell:

Create an event handler that triggers on a click but still allows selection to occur:

Introduced in 2007