Creating Inspectors

The Wolfram Language's unified symbolic architecture and dynamic object mechanism makes possible a uniquely flexible form of direct-manipulation inspector, in which an arbitrary interface can immediately be set up to view or change any interface value, option, or other attribute of any expression, graphic, or document.

CurrentValue specify any interface value, option, etc.

Dynamic display as a dynamically updated resettable value

Controls »

InputField  ▪  Checkbox  ▪  SetterBar  ▪  TogglerBar  ▪  RadioButtonBar  ▪  PopupMenu  ▪  Slider  ▪  ColorSlider  ▪  FileNameSetter  ▪  ...

Layout & Organization

TabView  ▪  OpenerView  ▪  MenuView  ▪  Panel  ▪  Grid

Annotation & Labeling

Labeled  ▪  Row  ▪  Text  ▪  Graphics  ▪  Tooltip  ▪  Speak

CreatePalette set up an inspector as a separate palette