displays expr with legend leg.


indicates in plotting and charting functions that a legend entry for expr should be created, with label lbl.


  • The content expr and legend leg in Legended[expr,leg] can be be anything, including graphics, tables, and images.
  • Legended can be used as a symbolic wrapper for data elements and datasets in functions such as ListPlot and BarChart.
  • The legend entry associated with Legended[expr,lbl] includes an identifying prototype, such as a color swatch, for expr, displayed with the label lbl.
  • The label lbl in Legended[expr,lbl] can be any expression, including graphics.
  • Legended[expr,Placed[,pos]] can be used to create legends at different positions.
  • Possible forms for pos are:
  • Above,Below,Before,Afterpositions outside the bounding box for expr
    {h,v}horizontal h and vertical positions v
    {{ex,ey},{lx,ly}}scaled position {lx,ly} in the legend at scaled position {ex,ey} in expr
  • Possible horizontal positions include Before, Left, Center, Right and After.
  • Possible vertical positions include Below, Bottom, Center, Top and Above.
  • The legend leg will frequently be created by functions such as BarLegend and LineLegend.


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Basic Examples  (5)

Use Legended to provide legend entries for specific elements:

Use Legended to provide a legend entry for a specific dataset:

Place a legend inside a plot:

Add a legend to a table of values:

Legend a Graph object:

Scope  (6)

Construct a legend for a graphic:

Construct a legend for an image:

Use Legended as a wrapper to specify a legend label for a single dataset:

Specify a legend for a single value:

Use Placed to position the legend:

Place legends outside the legended object:

Place legends inside the legended object:

Neat Examples  (1)

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