The Wolfram Language provides easy tools to create and add legends to visualizations of all kinds. Whether using the built-in automatic legends, creating highly customized legends, or something in between, the Wolfram Language provides straightforward ways of using legends to match styles with labels, and colors with values. In the extreme cases, the Wolfram Language allows practically anything to have a legend, and for that legend to be anything.

Legend Types

LineLegend styled lines and labels

SwatchLegend styled swatches and labels

PointLegend styled markers and labels

BarLegend color bar and axis

Legend Integration

Legended display an expression with a legend

PlotLegends option for adding legends to plots

ChartLegends option for adding legends to charts

Legend Options

LegendLabel overall label for legend

LegendMarkers markers to use for the different legend items

LegendLayout row- or column-oriented layout for tabular legends

LegendMarkerSize size of markers in the legend

LabelStyle style for labels

LegendMargins space around legend

LegendFunction overall function applied to legend