displays a framed version of expr.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (1)

Put a frame around any expression:

Scope  (7)

Put a frame around any object:

Use a background color:

Use a style for the frame:

Use rounded corners:

Text can linewrap inside a frame:

Different framed expressions align as if their frames were not present:

Options  (11)

Alignment  (1)

Right-align a frame's contents:

Background  (1)

Change the background color:

BaselinePosition  (1)

Bottom align a series of frames:

BaseStyle  (1)

Set the base style for the frame and its contents to a different font size and color:

ContentPadding  (1)

Remove extra whitespace around a label with no ascenders or descenders:

FrameMargins  (1)

Add margins within the frame:

FrameStyle  (2)

Change the frame style:

Framed does not support the side specifications of FrameStyle:

ImageMargins  (1)

Add margins outside the frame:

ImageSize  (1)

Set the frame to a fixed image size:

RoundingRadius  (1)

Use rounded corners:

Applications  (1)

Frame integers that are prime:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Panel provides additional features for framing objects:

Many functions have a Frame option:

Neat Examples  (1)

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