is an option for Callout and Labeled in plotting functions that determines which labels are shown.


  • LabelVisibility takes the following settings:
  • Allalways show the label
    Infinityhighest priority for automatic labeling
    nrelative priority for automatic labeling
    -Infinitylowest priority for automatic labeling
    Automaticpriority determined by ordering
    Nonenever show the label
  • With LabelVisibility set to Infinity, -Infinity, Automatic or n, the label will be shown if there is space to put it that does not collide with higher-priority labels or other graphical content.
  • LabelVisibility->All shows the label even if it will collide with other content.


Basic Examples  (2)

Label all the even-numbered points in a plot, even if some of them collide:

Label even-numbered points while avoiding collisions:

Introduced in 2019