is an option for Grid, Column, and related constructs that specifies the sizes to allow for items.


  • Typical basic settings include:
  • Automaticseparately size items to fit within the total formatting width
    Allmake all items the same width and height
    Fullallow every item its full width and height
    wgive all items width w
    Scaled[s]give all items a fraction s of the total formatting width
    {w,h}make all items the specified width and height
  • In Grid, w is measured in ems, and h in line heights.
  • The settings for ItemSize can be given as follows to apply separately to different items:
  • specapply spec to all items
    {specx}apply specx at successive horizontal positions
    {specx,specy}apply speck at successive horizontal and vertical positions
    {specx,specy,rules}also allow explicit rules for individual i,j elements
  • The speck can have the following forms:
  • {s1,s2,,sn}use s1 through sn; then use defaults
    {{c}}use c in all cases
    {{c1,c2}}alternate between c1 and c2
    {{c1,c2,}}cycle through all ci
    {s,{c}}use s, then repeatedly use c
    {s1,{c},sn}use s1, then repeatedly use c, but use sn at the end
    {s1,s2,,{c1,c2,},sm,,sn}use the first sequence of si at the beginning, then cyclically use the ci, then use the last sequence of si at the end
    {s1,s2,,{},sm,,sn}use the first sequence of si at the beginning and the last sequence at the end
    {i1->v1,i2->v2,}specify what to use at positions ik
    {spec,rules}use rules to override specifications in spec


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Basic Examples  (3)

Make each item a fixed number of character widths wide:

Make each column a fraction of the document width:

ItemSize->Automatic line-wraps textual elements at the page width:

Scope  (4)

Leave the same amount of space for all items:

Draw items big enough to fit all contents without line breaks:

Set a minimum height for all items:

Set the third element of the second column to be 6 ems by 2 line heights:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Controls and graphics will by default expand to fit the available area:

The space allocated by ItemSize is added to the space allocated by Spacings:

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