Grids & Tables

Built into the Wolfram Language is a uniquely flexible and concise language for creating 1D and 2D layoutsfrom simple tables to the most elaborate information displays and user interfaces. The Wolfram Language provides both automatic aesthetic choice and detailed control. Its symbolic architecture allows direct programmatic specification of every aspect of layout, both static and dynamic.

Grid 2D grid with arbitrary elements

TextGrid 2D grid with textual elements

Row horizontal row of arbitrary elements

Column vertical column of arbitrary elements, aligned as specified

Item wrapper for individual Grid items which applies options to the full region of the grid

Resizable Grids & Tables

GraphicsGrid  ▪  GraphicsRow  ▪  GraphicsColumn

Controls »

TableView spreadsheet-like data view

ListPicker list of choices

PopupMenu menu of choices

Styling Options

Frame frame the whole grid, or rows or columns

Background background colors for rows, columns, or items

ItemSize size to allow for each item, before resizing or wrapping

Alignment alignments for items

Dividers divider lines to include

Spacings  ▪  FrameStyle  ▪  ItemStyle  ▪  BaselinePosition

Spanning Elements

SpanFromLeft  ▪  SpanFromAbove  ▪  SpanFromBoth