is an option for contour plots that specifies how to label contours.


  • The following settings for ContourLabels can be used:
  • Noneno labeling
    Automaticlabel with tooltips only
    Truelabel with text only
    Alllabel with text and tooltips
    flabel with f[x,y,z]
    {f,g}use g as a tooltip for the complete contour
  • With ContourLabels->f, the label can be any expression or graphic, and can include constructs such as Tooltip.
  • ContourLabels->{f,g} uses f[x,y,z] as an explicit displayed label, and uses g[x,y,z] as a tooltip for each complete contour line.
  • The positions of contour labels are determined automatically to optimize readability.


Basic Examples  (3)

Automatically label contour lines with tooltips:

Label with tooltips and text:

Customize the appearance of the labels:

Introduced in 2007
Updated in 2008