is an option for VectorPlot and related functions that determines how the magnitudes of vectors are scaled for visualization.


  • Vectors are scaled in order to visually distinguish a greater range of magnitudes.
  • VectorScaling scales the magnitudes of the vectors into the range of arrow sizes smin to smax given by VectorSizes.
  • The following settings can be used to globally scale the vector field:
  • Automaticautomatically scaled arrow lengths
    Noneconstant arrow lengths
    "Linear"linearly scaled arrow lengths
    "Log"logarithmically scaled arrow lengths
    "Sqrt"square root scaled arrow lengths


Basic Examples  (3)

By default, the arrows in vector plots are all the same length:

Allow the arrow lengths to vary based on the strength of the vector field:

Draw the arrow lengths on a logarithmic scale:

Introduced in 2020