is an option to VectorPlot, ListVectorPlot, and related functions that determines where to draw arrows.


  • Typical point patterns used for drawing arrows.
  • The following settings can be given for VectorPoints:
  • Nonedraw no arrows
    Automaticdraw automatically selected arrows
    nuse upto n points in each direction
    {m,n}, {m,n,k}use a grid of arrows in 2D or 3D
    Coarseautomatically chosen coarse set of arrows
    Fineautomatically chosen fine set of arrows
    "name"use the named setting
    {"name",n}use the named settings with a given number of points
    {p1,p2,}draw arrows at the points p1, p2,
    {{p1,g1},}draw the arrow at p1 using graphics directive g1
  • The following are named settings:
  • "Regular"draw arrows on a regular grid
    "Hexagonal"draw arrows on a 2D or 3D hexagonal grid
    "Mesh"draw arrows on a 2D discretized mesh
    "FaceCenteredCubic"draw arrows on a 3D face-centered cubic grid


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Basic Examples  (5)

Plot a vector field with arrows on a hexagonal grid:

Use coarse and fine settings for the vector density:

Specify a list of points for showing field vectors:

"Mesh" generates points based on a partition of the domain:

"Mesh" samples the boundary of the region:

Scope  (2)

Use a different number of field vectors on a hexagonal grid:

The location for vectors is given in the middle of the drawn vector:

Possible Issues  (1)

The default hexagonal mesh can introduce a hexagonal artifact:

Eliminate the hexagonal artifact by using a different method of point generation:

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