is an option for StreamPlot, ListStreamPlot and related functions that specifies what markers to draw at the field points plotted.


  • The following settings can be used:
  • Noneno markers
    Automaticdefault markers
    "name"named markers name
    {marker1,marker2,}a list of markers markeri
  • Arrow-like markers that indicate stream flow and the direction include:
  • "Arrow"arrow-shaped marker
    "PinDart"pin-dart-shaped marker
    "Dart"dart-shaped marker
    "CircleArrow"circle with an arrow on its diagonal
  • Additional markers that indicate the stream flow and the direction include:
  • "Dot"line segment with a dot as its arrowhead
    "DotArrow"arrow with a dot at the tail
    "Pointer"pointer-shaped marker
    "BackwardPointer"pointer-shaped marker pointing backward
    "Drop"drop-shaped marker
    "Paddle"paddle with flat end in the field direction
  • General oriented markers that indicate stream flow slope include:
  • "Box"a tight bounding box
    "Segment"line segment
    "DoubleDart"double-ended dart
    "ArrowArrow"double-ended arrow
    "DotDot"line segment with dots at either end
    "BarDot"undirected bar with a dot at its center
    "Spindle"spindle-shaped marker along the field direction
    "Toothpick"toothpick-shaped marker


Basic Examples  (7)

Use arrows as default markers:

No markers:

Use named markers:

Use a different type of marker for each field:

Markers are used cyclically:

Use general oriented markers to show the flow paths while not showing the direction:

Introduced in 2018