Date & Time Visualization

The Wolfram Language provides a variety of functions for visualizing data with dates and times. The plotting functions are highly flexible, allowing the dates and times to be input in a number of representations that are automatically interpreted. Plots use the full power of the Wolfram Language data visualization functions and features to be both endlessly customizable and easy to use.

TimelinePlot display dates and times on a timeline, with labels, etc.

ClockGauge display time on a clock face

Values versus Time

DateListPlot plot date-value curves

StackedDateListPlot plot curves stacked on top of each other

DateListStepPlot  ▪  DateListLogPlot

Prices versus Time »

TradingChart trading chart with technical indicators

InteractiveTradingChart  ▪  CandlestickChart  ▪  KagiChart  ▪  ...

Counts versus Time

DateHistogram plot a histogram of dates or times


DateTicksFormat formatting of date ticks

DateFunction how to interpret dates

DateReduction how to reduce dates to cyclic periods of time, e.g. hours, weeks, etc.