plots points equally spaced in angle at radii ri.


plots points at polar coordinates θi, ri.


plots several lists of values.

Details and Options

  • ListPolarPlot[list] by default plots each element of list as a separate point.
  • ListPolarPlot[list,Joined->True] draws a line through the list of points.
  • The angle is measured in radians, counterclockwise from the positive axis.
  • The , position corresponding to , is , . The value of need not be between 0 and .
  • In ListPolarPlot[{r1,,rn}], r1 is taken to be associated with , and rn with .
  • The following wrappers w can be used for the listi:
  • Annotation[listi,label]provide an annotation for the data
    Button[listi,action]define an action to execute when the data is clicked
    Callout[listi,label]label the data with a callout
    Callout[listi,label,pos]place the callout at relative position pos
    EventHandler[listi,]define a general event handler for the data
    Hyperlink[listi,uri]make the data a hyperlink
    Labeled[listi,label]label the data
    Labeled[listi,label,pos]place the label at relative position pos
    Legended[listi,label]identify the data in a legend
    PopupWindow[listi,cont]attach a popup window to the data
    StatusArea[listi,label]display in the status area on mouseover
    Style[listi,styles]show the data using the specified styles
    Tooltip[listi,label]attach a tooltip to the data
    Tooltip[listi]use data values as tooltips
  • Wrappers w can be applied at multiple levels:
  • {,w[ri],}wrap the value ri in data
    {,w[{θ1,r1}],}wrap the point {θ1,r1}
    w[listi]wrap the data
    w[{list1,}]wrap a collection of listi
    w1[w2[]]use nested wrappers
  • Callout, Labeled and Placed can use the following positions pos:
  • Automaticautomatically placed labels
    Above, Below, Before, Afterpositions around the data
    {x,y}at a position {x,y}
    Scaled[s]scaled position s along the data
    {s,Above},{s,Below},relative position at position s along the data
    {pos,epos}epos in label placed at relative position pos of the data
  • ListPolarPlot has the same options as ListPlot, with the following changes:
  • AspectRatioAutomaticratio of height to width
    AxesOrigin{0,0}where axes should cross
    LabelingFunctionAutomatichow to label points
    LabelingSizeAutomaticmaximum size of callouts and labels
    MeshFunctions{#3&}how to determine placement of mesh points
    PlotLabelsNonelabels for data
    PlotLegendsNonelegends for data
    PolarAxesFalsewhether to draw polar axes
    PolarAxesOriginAutomaticwhere to draw polar axes
    PolarGridLinesNonepolar grid lines to draw
    PolarTicksAutomaticpolar axes ticks


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Basic Examples  (3)

Plot a list of radii r equally spaced in angle:

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Join the points with a line:

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Use θ, r coordinates for the data:

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Show multiple sets of data with a legend:

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Introduced in 2007
Updated in 2019