is an option for Plot3D, DensityPlot, and other plotting functions that specifies the style in which to draw a mesh.


  • MeshStyle->g specifies that a graphics directive g should be used to draw all mesh elements in a plot.
  • MeshStyle->{g1,g2,} specifies that successive directives gi should be used cyclically to draw elements associated with successive mesh functions.
  • MeshStyle can give any applicable graphics directive, including colors and Opacity.
  • Directives can be combined using Directive[g1,g2,].
  • MeshStyle gives the style for mesh lines in functions like Plot3D and DensityPlot, and for mesh points in functions like Plot and ListLinePlot.


Basic Examples  (4)

Use gray mesh lines on a surface:

Use transparent mesh lines:

Use medium-sized red points for mesh divisions on a curve:

Use different mesh styles for different sets of mesh lines:

Introduced in 1991
Updated in 2007