Combining a new level of programmatic support for symbolic color with carefully chosen aesthetic color parametrizations, the Wolfram Language allows a uniquely flexible and compelling approach to color and transparency in graphics and all other forms of display.

Color Directives

RGBColor, Hue, CMYKColor, GrayLevel color models

LABColor, LCHColor, LUVColor, XYZColor device-independent CIE color models

ColorQ test whether an expression is a color directive

Color Operations »

ColorConvert convert between color models

Lighter, Darker make colors lighter, darker

Blend blend of colors

ColorNegate the negative color to a given color

RemoveAlphaChannel  ▪  SetAlphaChannel  ▪  AlphaChannel

ColorDistance  ▪  RandomColor  ▪  DominantColors  ▪  FindMatchingColor  ▪  ...

Color Regions

ColorsNear represent a color region around a color

Color Schemes »

ColorData hundreds of color schemes (gradients, named collections, etc.)

"Gradients"  ▪  "Indexed"  ▪  "Physical"  ▪  "Rainbow"  ▪  "Temperature"  ▪  ...

Named Colors

Red   ▪  Green   ▪  Blue   ▪  Black   ▪  White   ▪  Gray   ▪  Cyan   ▪  Magenta   ▪  Yellow

Brown   ▪  Orange   ▪  Pink   ▪  Purple

LightRed   ▪  LightGreen   ▪  LightBlue   ▪  LightGray   ▪  LightCyan   ▪  LightMagenta   ▪  LightYellow   ▪  LightBrown   ▪  LightOrange   ▪  LightPink   ▪  LightPurple


Interactive Color Controls

ColorSetter  ▪  ColorSlider

Style specify a color for any object

Graphics Directives »

Opacity opacity level (0 for transparent)

Specularity shininess color for 3D graphics

FaceForm  ▪  EdgeForm  ▪  Glow  ▪  Directive  ▪  ...

Graphics Options »

Lighting light sources used for 3D graphics

VertexColors, VertexNormals data for color interpolation in polygons

Background  ▪  AxesStyle  ▪  FrameStyle  ▪  GridLinesStyle  ▪  ...

Plotting Options »

ColorFunction general function for determining colors from coordinates and values

ColorRules rules for determining colors for discrete data

PlotStyle  ▪  FillingStyle  ▪  MeshStyle  ▪  MeshShading  ▪  ...

"ICC" color profiles

"GIF", "PNG" can store color maps

Import, Export import, export with many color maps, depths, models