returns a color similar to the color that is present in image.


returns a list of colors matching each colori.


returns lists of matching colors for all imagei.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (2)

Find a color similar to pink in the image:

The image does not have a color similar to green:

Find a color similar to pink from a list of colors:

Scope  (4)

Find a color similar to pink in an image:

Look for multiple similarities:

Find a similar color in multiple images:

Find a similar color within an explicit color list:

Options  (3)

ColorCoverage  (1)

By default, an automatic minimum color coverage is used:

Require a minimum coverage level:

Specify a coverage interval:

DistanceFunction  (1)

By default, a perceptual color distance is used:

Use DistanceFunction to specify a different distance metric:

The new match has a closer luminance to the reference:

MaxColorDistance  (1)

By default, only colors close to the target color are returned:

Use MaxColorDistance to specify a custom threshold:

Use MaxColorDistanceInfinity to find the closest color:

Applications  (3)

Perform a foreground-background segmentation based on the color of the background:

The image seems to contain blue, but the actual pixel values are very far from it:

Find the matching blue in the image and use it to perform the segmentation:

Transform a color palette using colors from a natural image:

Select images based on the presence of a color:

Find images with yellow objects:

Find images with yellow and red objects:

Find images with red and green objects:

Introduced in 2019