finds regions in image whose pixel values are similar to color and replaces them with transparent pixels.


replaces all pixels with the specified replacement color.


replaces all pixels whose values are within a distance d from color.


does multiple color replacements.



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Basic Examples  (2)

Replace a background with transparency:

Replace black pixels in an image:

Scope  (4)

Use a selected color to specify the pixel values to be replaced:

Use a marker image to specify the pixel values to be replaced:

Specify a distance value:

Specify multicolor replacement and a default background:

Replace red pixels in a 3D image:

Applications  (4)

Green screen replacement:

Change the plot color:

Also remove the axes:

Remove background colors with white:

Shuffle colors on a logo by random color replacement:

Find dominant colors in the image and generate random replacement:

Replace colors:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Replacing pixels of a grayscale image with color values will result in a color image:

Use DominantColors to find the dominant green color to be replaced:

Replace the detected shade of green with transparent:

Introduced in 2012
Updated in 2014