Color Schemes

The Wolfram Language includes a wide selection of carefully chosen color schemes that can immediately be used throughout the Wolfram Language graphics and visualization system.

ColorData named color gradients and collections

"Image"  ▪  "Panel"  ▪  "ColorFunction"  ▪  ...

Palettes Color Schemes a palette for selecting a color scheme

ColorDataFunction color scheme object

Color Gradients

"Gradients" list of named color gradients

Named Colors

"HTML" named HTML colors (e.g. "Crimson")

"Atoms" colors for atom icons (e.g. "C", "O", "Fe", ...)

Indexed Color Palette Collections

"Indexed" list of indexed color collections (ColorData[n] etc.)

Physics-Oriented Color Schemes

"VisibleSpectrum" colors based on light wavelength in nanometers

"BlackBodySpectrum" colors based on temperature in kelvin