is an option for plotting functions that gives lists of colors to use for regions between mesh divisions.


  • MeshShading->{c1,c2,} specifies that directives ci should be used cyclically for each of the n+1 regions defined by n mesh divisions.
  • MeshShading->{{c11,c12,},{c21,},} specifies that the cij should be used cyclically for the i,j^(th) patch defined by two mesh functions.
  • If k mesh functions are specified, the setting for MeshShading should be an array of depth k.
  • The setting for MeshShading can be a SparseArray object.
  • The default setting MeshShading->None specifies that no additional directives associated with mesh regions should be added.
  • The elements of the MeshShading array should be color directives such as RGBColor, Hue, or named colors such as Red and Blue. They can also include Opacity.
  • In cases where regions defined by MeshShading are surfaces, directives such as EdgeForm, FaceForm, and Specularity can be used.
  • When the regions defined by MeshShading are lines, directives such as Thickness and Dashing can also be used.
  • Directives can be combined using Directive[g1,g2,].


Basic Examples  (4)

Style the areas between mesh lines:

Alternate colors along a curve:

Use MeshShading with ColorFunction:

Use MeshShading to remove portions of a surface:

Introduced in 2007