is an option for gauge functions that specifies how much space to leave around the scale.


  • Padding specified by ScalePadding describes the extent of the gauge background that should be drawn around the scale.
  • For each direction specified, ScalePadding can take the following values:
  • Automatican automatic amount of padding
    Noneleave no padding in that direction
    ss coordinate units
    Scaled[s]a fraction s of the plot
  • ScalePadding can take the following forms for linear scaled gauges:
  • pthe same horizantal and vertical padding
    {pr,py}different horizantal and vertical padding
    {{px left,px right},...}different padding on each side of the axis etc.
  • ScalePadding can take the following forms for circularly scaled gauges:
  • pangular padding p on each end of the scale
    {pmin,pmax}padding pmin before the scale and pmax after
    Noneno padding around the scale
    Automaticautomatically determined padding
    Fullpad to the nearest chord of a circle
    Allpad the scale to make a complete circle


Basic Examples  (3)

By default there is a set amount of padding around the scale:

Specify a constant horizontal and vertical or angular padding:

Use a scaled value for the constant horizontal and vertical padding:

Specify different horizontal and vertical padding on each side:

Introduced in 2012