is an option for plotting functions that specifies the style for the filled region over which the plot is being drawn.


  • RegionFillingStyle is typically used for plots that contain discrete elements, to better show the full region of the plot.
  • The region being styled may come from a variable specification, RegionFunction or a combination of sources.
  • The following settings can be used:
  • Automaticautomatically style the filled region
    Noneomit the filled region
    styledraw with specified graphics directives
  • With RegionFillingStyle->Automatic, regions that completely fill the plot will generally not be drawn.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Automatically style the plotted region:

Omit the filled region:

Scope  (3)

Use gray to fill the region:

Style the region from a region function:

By default, the filling is not shown for full regions:

Specify an explicit filling style:

Introduced in 2020