is an option for GeoGraphics that determines what scale to show on the map.


  • Typical settings for GeoScaleBar include:
  • Nonedo not include a scale
    Automaticinclude an automatic scale
    "Metric","Imperial"include a scale for a unit system
    unitinclude a scale in a particular unit
    {d1,d2,}include a scale with scale divisions d1, d2, etc.
    {scale1,scale2}include a scale with two sets of divisions
    Placed[scale,pos]position the scale at position pos
  • The possible positions are:
  • {x,y}scaled position in the map
    GeoPosition[lat,lon]specific geographic location
    {pos1,pos2}end points for the scale
  • Scales are most accurate near the middle of the map and become distorted near the edges.
  • By default, scales are not shown if there would be too much distortion for the map.


Basic Examples  (4)

Show a map of Champaign, IL with a scale in the bottom-left corner:

Show the scale in kilometers:

Show a map of the United Kingdom with a scale in the top-right corner:

Show a scale of 100 kilometers:

Introduced in 2014