Socioeconomic & Demographic Data

The Wolfram Language provides seamless access to the curated and continuously updated Wolfram Knowledgebase, which includes a wide range of types of socioeconomic and demographic data. Free-form linguistics provides a convenient mechanism for accessing all available data; more common categories also have specific associated Wolfram Language functions.

() request data using free-form linguistics

EntityValue general access to values of properties for all types of entities

Worldwide Statistical Data

CountryData over a thousand properties and time series for all countries and territories

AdministrativeDivisionData worldwide data on states, counties, provinces, etc.

CityData properties of 250,000+ cities around the world

Additional US Statistical Data


Economic Data & Computation

CountryData  ▪  CurrencyConvert  ▪  InflationAdjust

Education-Related Data

CountryData  ▪  UniversityData

Other Data

LanguageData data on human languages & their usage

Accessible via free-form linguistics and EntityValue:

"Religion"  ▪  "HistoricalSite"  ▪  "GivenName"  ▪  ...