People & History

The Wolfram Language has built-in access to an extensive collection of continually updated data on people and many kinds of history. Free-form linguistics provide a convenient mechanism for accessing all available data; more common categories also have specific associated Wolfram Language functions.

() request data using free-form linguistics

EntityValue general access to values of properties for all types of entities

Entity  ▪  EntityClass  ▪  EntityList  ▪  RandomEntity  ▪  EntityFunction  ▪  ...

WikipediaData Wikipedia material about entities and other topics

WebSearch  ▪  WebImageSearch  ▪  WikidataData  ▪  ExternalIdentifier

Notable People

Person hundreds of thousands of current and historical figures

Current & Historical Naming Data

GivenName Surname

Historical Word Use

WordFrequencyData historical usage data for words and -grams

Historical Dates & Calendars »

DateObject represent and convert Gregorian, Julian, Jewish, etc. dates

Socioeconomic History »

Country historical demographics, economics, etc. for all countries

City historical demographics, founding dates, etc.

InflationAdjust historical inflation adjustment

Political & Military History

HistoricalCountry nations, empires and other civilizations across history

MilitaryConflict wars, battles and other historical conflicts

HistoricalPeriod HistoricalEvent HistoricalSite

Cultural & Organizational History »

Book Artwork Movie

Religion Mythology

Building University Museum Cemetery

Corporate & Financial History

FinancialData extensive historical data on stocks and other financial instruments

Company public and private companies with detailed historical fundamentals data

"TickerSymbol"  ▪  "FinancialIndex"  ▪  CurrencyDenomination

CurrencyConvert historical currency conversion rates

Science & Technology History

FamousMathProblem FamousPhysicsProblem MannedSpaceMission Element Planet ...

Historical Weather, Astronomy, etc. »

WeatherData complete worldwide historical weather records

Sunrise  ▪  Sunset  ▪  SunPosition  ▪  MoonPhase  ▪  SolarEclipse  ▪  ...


GeologicalPeriod GeologicalLayer Dinosaur EarthImpact