gives the values of the specified property for the given item.


gives values for each of the itemi.


gives values for each of the propertyi.


gives values for each of the properties for each of the items.

Details and Options

  • WikidataData retrieves data from Wikidata's SPARQL endpoint.
  • Each item and property can be specified as an ExternalIdentifier object, a URL or a raw Wikidata identifier like "Q15241057" or "P31".
  • Raw Wikidata identifiers are conventionally of the form "Qnnn" for items and "Pnnn" for properties.
  • The following properties are also supported:
  • "Label"the label of the item
    "Description"the description of the item
    "AlternativeLabels"alternate labels of the item
    "WikidataID"the ExternalIdentifier["WikidataID",] object corresponding to the item
    "Entity"entities corresponding to the item
  • Any type from $ExternalIdentifierTypes can be used as a property to request an ExternalIdentifier object of the specified type.
  • WikidataData[item,"Properties"] gives a list of all available properties for the specified item. Named subsets of available properties can be obtained with WikidataData[item,"sname"]. Possible values for "sname" include:
  • "IdentifierProperties"external identifier properties
    "NonIdentifierProperties"all properties excluding external identifier properties
  • An item can also be specified as Entity[].
  • An implicit list of items can be specified as EntityClass[type,{prop1vspec1,}], where type is an entity type or an ExternalIdentifier object, the propi are EntityProperty or ExternalIdentifier objects, and the vspeci are values or Boolean operators.
  • Supported Boolean operators include:
  • EqualTo[x]the value is equal to x
    UnequalTo[x]the value is unequal to x
    GreaterThan[x]the value is greater than x
    GreaterEqualThan[x]the value is greater than or equal to x
    LessThan[x]the value is less than x
    LessEqualThan[x]the value is less than or equal to x
    Between[{min,max}]the value is between min and max
    MissingQthere is no value for this property
    Not@*MissingQthere is a value for this property
  • EntityClass[type,rules] containing a single rule of the form propTakeLargest[n] or propTakeSmallest[n] is also supported.
  • WikidataData[itemspec,propspec] returns lists for each value, one additional level if itemspec is a list or is list-like and one additional level if propspec is a list or is list-like.
  • WikidataData[itemspec,propspec,"format"] can be used to modify the result format. Possible values for "format" include:
  • "Dataset"a Dataset in which the lowest level keys are the specified items and the second-lowest level keys are the specified properties
    "Association"a nested association in which the lowest level keys are the specified items and the selcond-lowest level keys are the specified properties
  • WikidataData[itemspec,pclass,"format"] includes all available properties from the specified property class pclass for each specified item. Possible value for pclass include:
  • Allall properties
    "IdentifierProperties"external identifier properties
    "NonIdentifierProperties"all properties excluding external identifier properties
  • The short form WikidataData[itemspec,"format"] is equivalent to WikidataData[itemspec,All,"format"].
  • The following options can be given:
  • Language$Languagewhat language to use
    MethodAutomaticwhich statements to select and which information to include in each statement
  • The setting for Language affects the "Label" and "Description" values of returned ExternalIdentifier objects.
  • In Method{opt1val1,}, the following suboptions opti can be given:
  • "StatementFormat""Value"what infromation to include for each statement
    "StatementRank""Best"which statements to include
  • Settings for "StatementFormat" include:
  • "Value"the value (default)
    "Association"an association including the value, qualifiers and references
    "Dataset"a Dataset including the value, qualifiers and references
    {"format","opt1"val1,}suboptions controlling what to include in an association or a dataset
    Allan association including the value, qualifiers and references
  • The following suboptions can be given:
  • "IncludeQualifiers"Automaticwhether to include qualifiers
    "IncludeReferences"Automaticwhether to include references
  • Settings for "StatementRank" include:
  • "Best"either normal-rank statements, if no preferred statement is available, or preferred statements otherwise (default)
    "Preferred"preferred statements
    "Normal"normal-rank statements
    "Deprecated"deprecated statements
    "NonDeprecated"normal-rank or preferred statements
    Allall statements


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Basic Examples  (3)

Look up the mass of the Moon according to Wikidata:

Look up properties available for an item:

Retrieve values for multiple properties:

Retrieve all data available for an Entity and make a Dataset:

Scope  (2)

Look up data about a book specified by an ISBN:

Specify a class of lakes using an implicit EntityClass:

Retrieve the surface area for each lake:

Options  (3)

Language  (1)

Look up the label and description of a Wikidata item in the default language:

The default language is given by $Language:

Look up the label and description in Spanish:

Method  (2)

Look up the visitors per year of the Smithsonian:

Return an association including qualifiers and excluding references:

By default, only values of best rank are returned:

Include any non-deprecated value:

Include all values, including deprecated ones:

Applications  (1)

Retrieve life expectancy data, including references and date qualifiers:

Create TimeSeries objects for values claimed by UNESCO:

Plot the time series:

Introduced in 2020