returns a list of Wikidata items whose labels include the given keywords.


returns a list of Wikidata identifiers of the specified type.

Details and Options

  • WikidataSearch utilizes Wikidata's search API to find items and other identifiers.
  • WikidataSearch[] returns a list of ExternalIdentifier objects of type "WikidataID".
  • Raw Wikidata identifiers are conventionally of the form "Qnnn" for items and "Pnnn" for properties.
  • Possible values for "type" include:
  • "Item"an item (default)
    "Property"a property
  • The following options can be given:
  • Language$Languagewhat language to use
    MaxItems10maximum number of results to return


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Basic Examples  (1)

Search for items:

Search for properties:

Look up data:

Options  (1)

Language  (1)

Search items whose Spanish label matches a term:

Introduced in 2020